Awesome database built with care

Qualify insights and create experience flows from concrete inputs

We created amazing workshops to help you understand and gather more data with high quality working sessions.

All your data in one place

Scale data impact with automated insights and external sources content

Group user feeedbacks, identify next value propositions, and build concrete data clusters.

Qualify insights in hours

Insight qualification moved to the next level

Highlight, tag and map insights using custom indicators, aggregate and confront data from different sources and deliver reports like never before.

One databse to store everything

Built to store reports and extracts from all origins, workshop sessions, external sources, and more...

Highlight elements in your insights

Create clusters of data from your performance objectives and highlight key elements in the database

Measure performance over time

Each insight is mapped in a lifecycle that allows a better management of trust indexes and impact

Powerful search engine

Our search engine is powered by Algolia and allow a better search performance with a tap of a key

Secure sharing for every user

Setup some sharing parameters on each insight (by team, project or global) and allow users on specific topics.

Export to your favorite apps

Assess your production tickets with reports and identify the next innovations directly from your studies.

One databse, multiple possibilities

One database to host all insights with a dedicated search engine.

Store insights from workshop sessions but also from external sources with our integrations. Get access to the insights that are the most relevant for your project.