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New Research tools for thinkers

Pre-built workshops to create services driven by user data

Craft and engage the different elements in relation with your design thinking process and innovation roadmap by bringing research at an early stage 👋

Enrich your design workflow

Integrate user research and validate hypothesis at an early stage to limit the cost of your products

1. Fast & Easy
Focus on the work, we provide the tools
Avoid losing time by imagining a workshop session, we do it for you and give you the tools you need.
2. Collaborative
Designed for a user-centered research
Invite your users and stop wasting time on insights analysis, we help you start qualifying.
3. All-in-one platform
Start building your user research online
We help you start your own research lab by hosting your work sessions and all your insights.
Workshops built for designers

Experience fast ideation
& seamless working sessions with real users

We created amazing workshops to help you understand and gather
more data with high quality results and impactful inputs.
Ready to use library
8+ highly crafted and ready to use workshops

Value proposition design, Buy a feature, Focus groups, concept testings and many others are part of the list and will be delivered very soon.

Launch in minutes
Start the workshop by selecting a project in the list, add the different details and invite your colleagues, you're set !
Live collaboration
We enabled live collaboration directly on the platform to make sure evryone participates and collaborate in a smooth athmosphere.
Never lose time
We provide you workshops, imagined by designers and researchers for innovative thinkers.
Accessible to everyone
No need to be an expert, we help you facilitate you workshops sessions with the right interactions.
Collaborate easily
Share qualitative results with your
team like never before.
Create workshops sessions easily, setup your research protocol and invite your collaborators, share all your session results with your teammates in two clicks.
Step 1
Setup your research protocol
Step 2
Invite users and collaborators
Step 3
Animate your workshop session
Step 4
Share results across your organization
How it works
See what you can do in one app
3 simple steps to trigger workshops and bring qualitative data to your project foundations.
Select a template and invite your teammates
Our templates are ready to use, setup small informations and invite your collaborators directly to the session, start co-creating.
Animate your workshop session
Get all the keys you need to engage your collaborators and start your research workshops all together.
Securely share insights on your favorites channels
Generate sharing links for the elements you find important and send it on your workspace apps.
Collaboration Redefined
We help you search and work together
We created the best ways for you to develop collaborative research sessions by delivering pre-made workshops and a fully organized insights database.
Imagine your next product or service with concrete data

Improve customer experience by focusing on user behaviors.

Speed up the thinking and decision making process related with the conception of an experience by gathering knowledge from your users and integrate it directly in your projects documentation.

Powerful insights database built with care

Qualify insights and plan your
product roadmap from concrete inputs

Define the different parameters to start qualifying some insights and build innovative products.
Unlimited insights
Centralized and managed data at large scale
Auto-qualify insights from your workshops sessions with our analysis tool. Build concrete reports and start the gathering for your innovation paths.
Manage your workshops online

Get access to all the keys to create the best
for your projects

"A tool for innovation, centered on
user data"


All your collaborators will be able to assist, participate, engage in workshops to create the best foundations of each project.


We give you the tools to be able to coach and make teams learn by bringing pre-made exercises to the thinking process.


Discover the essentials tools to create value on your projects, we provide you with a wide range of ready to use workshops.

An more to come...
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