Workshops built for designers

Experience fast ideation & seamless working sessions

We created amazing workshops to help you understand and gather more data with high quality working sessions.

Awesome library

8+ highly crafted and ready to use workshops

Value proposition design, Buy a feature, Focus group and many others are part of the list and will fit with your business expectations.


We enabled live collaboration directly on the platform to make sure evryone participates and collaborate in every session.

We have enabled live collaboration in all workshop sessions

Each workshop is available in live collaboration, you can invite participants, end users and stakeholders in the same meeting without worrying about the tools.

1. Configure your workshop session

Setup your workshop by configuring the template you would like to use. Program session details and invite your participants.

2. Run your session with your users

You can host your workshop session but you can also define an animator for your session, each participant will join the same working space.

3. Gather evaluation and unbox your research results

Once session is done, ask each session participant for an evaluation. All your sessions are done ? Generate your recap in one click to get an overall view.

A better way to conduct workshops

Select a model from the list, configure the intial data that will be used during your sessions and gather qualitative insights.

Launch in minutes

Start the workshop by selecting a type in the template list, setup your session, invite your participants, you're set !

Animator / Note taker roles

Each workshop session has an animator, but other roles such as note taker are available for specific workshops.

Accessible to everyone

We built workshops to make sure participants feel confortable, on one single platform, no account needed.

Improved workshop models

Each workshop is using a framework that is based on a specific user research methodology.

Video recordings

Record workshop sessions and deepen the analysis of user interactions and product experience.

Automated recaps generator

All your sessions are done? Unbox research results and discuss with your team about the big highlights.