Instant reports in one click

Accelerate your research unboxing and generate recaps in one click

Empower your team by sharing research results, with accessible and easy-to-use recap pages crafted to help uncovering findings.

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We approach the reporting aspect with a model built for simplicity and easiness.

Don't spend hours aggregating findings from your workshop sessions, we do it for you and sort everything. Each report template is different so explore the different possibilities.


per researcher

that will spend hours aggregating data, creating reports and crafting insights.


Time spent by employees searching informations in reports.

Save 1 hour per day searching about reports in different platforms, get quick access to everything from one single endpoint.


Of data gets lost and is never used.

Keep your research repository up to date with automatic reporting systems and focus more on maintaining the right source of information.

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Empower your team by delivering powerful insights from your findings.

Share reports and insights to your team, present your results and showcase precisely the different elements that could improve your product.

Make informed design decisions by gathering high-quality user data early on in the ideation process and gainc confidence from your stakeholders.